Mier Tourism Rietfontein
  Mier Tourism Rietfontein  

In whatever effort, value must be added to the surrounding communities, all tourism segments, conservation and the environment. It’s not just information we provided.

The centre provides a coffee shop with daily freshbbaked “rooster koek”, hot served with butter, jam and cheese.

We also keep pre-spiced chops and
boere-wors plus firewood for self-braai. Part of the centre is a tented camp with eight two man dome tents furnished with beds, made up for accommodation, plus clean bathroom to make your turn in and stay over, unforgettable.

We keep a variety of arts and crafts articles as well as homemade jam and bottled articles to sell.

Come enjoy your visit you won’t regret.

Entering the Kalahari always stirs any traveller’s imagination and emotions for good reasons.

Mier Area, Askham

One of the few remaining homes of the San people.

Things to see and do:

Bushman Traditional Dances
Bushman Art & Craft
Collecting bird eggs for food
Donkey Cart rides
More that 50% transport medium
Normal life style of Community with traditional food
Preparing Traditional Foods


Where does the name came from?  Some very exhausted and despandent Scouts of the Pioneer Dirk Vilander noted where they off saddle some ants brought wet mud to the surface of the ground. Curious they start digging and found water. To honour the ant they name the settlement, “Mier”.

Mier is wedge in between two borders: West side Namibie and East Botswana. The North is close-up by the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park, the largest conservation area in the world 3.6 million ha. Rietfontein is the capital of the Mier and home of the civilised infrastructure, like the Municipal Office, Police Station, Day Hospital, High School etc.

Rietfontein is also the place where the place where the exploring scouts of Dirk Vilander find the bushmen +- Khys and his family at a fountain surrounding by reed-bush – from where the name Rietfontein.

Mier also captive the history of the two very prominent Pioneers – Dirk Vilander and Regopstaan Kruiper, yet most of their descendants still live in Mier.


Historical Beacons in the Mier Area  
Dirk Vilander Got into the Mier area in 1867 and died in 1888 on the age of 80 years   Regopstaan Kruiperborn
1900 and died 1996 at the age of 96

The remote Mier area is 11 400 sq km in size, larger than the Free State Province, with only 8000 people.

Very poor, 90% depend on government grants, mostly small stock farmers. It’s a semi desert area with a very low rainfall 150 -250mm per year, if it rains. A diverse landscape with barren rocky hills in the South and the largest breath taken red sand dune area in the North.

It’s a must come to see and enjoy area. Experience 4x4 at its best, night drives, sand surfing, to just sit on a red sand dune and enjoy a sundowner,play with your toes in the sand and discover what’s life all about.



Official Launch 2013 Andy Green and Richard Knight
and revisiting Hakskeen Pan in 2012 for the
official launching of the project.

His standing record is 1200km ph with this attempt he
wants to better his own record to 1600km ph.
Presently they are busy preparing the track.
Come and be part of the impossible!

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